Turkish Visa Online

Turkish Visa Online

Turkey is a very beautiful country. In terms of tourism, there are many such places which are visited by tourists from all over the world. So there are a lot of opportunities for jobs. The Turkish universities announced a number of scholarships for foreign students every year. Turkish people are very honest and friendly. They are very welcoming people. Their cultural name is Turkish.

Anyhow, Turkey launched their electronic visa on 17 April  2013 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey. You can easily get the e.visa through any authentic website in turkey. If you need an urgent visa, then Some websites give visas in one hour.

Eligible for Turkish Visa Online:-

    Turkish e.visa is not available for all travelers. Everyone is not eligible for a Turkish online visa. It’s just available for tourism and commerce. Those who want to go for business meetings can apply for an online visa and those who want to go for tourism for some time can easily apply for an online visa. 

    Those who want to go for work or study can apply through the embassy or any consultant. Their process is different and takes a little longer. However, the Turkish government has not yet launched any e-visa for them.

How to apply for a Turkish Visa Online?

     The travelers who are eligible for going to Turkey through e.visa are already mentioned above. So tourists or any businessmen who want to apply for a Turkish visa online can easily apply. They should complete all these requirements which are written in the visa application form. Requirements included in the visa application form are…

  • Fill out the visa application form
  • Write your full name and surname
  • Give your real passport number
  • Place and date of birth
  • Email Address
  • Select the visa type
  • Permanent residence address
  • Active Mobile phone number
  •  Attached all are the relevant documents
  • Duration of staying
  • Select the nationality mentioned on your passport
  • Pay fee through credit or debit card
  • Submit all of them

These are requirements for the online visa application form in turkey.

Documents Required For online Turkish visa:

     Documents that are required for an online Turkish visa are…

  • Passport
  • Email Address
  • Covid 19 vaccination certificate
  • Credit or debit card

 These all steps are explained below…


   You must have a valid and official passport and the validity of your passport must be at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Turkey from t. Issue and expiry date must be mentioned on the passport. If you want to apply for a tourism or business tour your passport must be official. Official passport means the passport is diplomatic, special, service, and official passport.

Email Address:-

  An email address is required for an online visa. It must be valid because when your visa will approve you receive an email on this email address. 

Covid 19 Vaccination Certificate:-

   After covid 19, vaccination is a must for every traveler to Turkey. Your vaccination certificate is attached to the application form.

Credit Or Debit Card:-

   For paying an online fee you must have a credit or debit card, or any other online account from which you can pay the fee. Without the fee, your application form and other documents are not submitted. So after filling out the application form and attaching all the relevant documents must pay the fee.

Time of Approving the Online Visa:-

    When you are applying for an online visa, so for approval process takes one hour or 24 hours. It depends on your need for a visa. If you want an urgent visa then you can apply for an urgent visa its processing time is fast and your visa is approved within an hour. If you don’t want an urgent visa then it takes a few hours, or your visa will be approved within 24 hours.

The citizen who are Eligible fee Turkish Online Visa:-

    Businessmen and tourists from 50 countries are eligible for Turkish online visas. Countries that are occupying, North America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania are easily applying for Turkish online visas.

Depending on the situation of their visa they can apply for 30 or 90 days according to their tour plan.

Check all requirements before applying for an online visa:-

  If you are applying for an online Turkish visa you must check the requirements that whether you are eligible for an online visa or not.

  • Purpose of applicants that you are traveling for tourism or business
  • You should belong to an eligible country (as I also mentioned above)
  • You must have relevant documents
  • Valid passport ( it must be eligible for at least the next six months)

Benefits of Electronic Visa:-

  Applying for an electronic visa has many benefits but some of the benefits are given below…

  • It saves your time
  • You can easily apply from your home or office
  • Fast approval system, you can receive your visa within 24 hours
  • It’s a very simple Turkish online application form
  • If you need an urgent visa you can apply for urgent and get your visa within one hour
  • Online visas can be submitted through a smartphone, laptop, or any other electronic device you have available.

It is highly recommended for businesses and tourists who save their time by applying through an online system.


  In this article, you can read about the Turkish visa online application system. Turkey launched their e.visa system on 17 April 2013. If you are a tourist or businessman then you can easily be applying for a Turkish online visa. In this article, you can also read about the eligibility criteria for foreigners. Who is eligible for an online visa and from which country? All details are explained above. If you want to apply for an online Turkish visa then please read this article carefully. It helps you a lot in the process of an online Turkish visa. 

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