Canada Visa Application Online

Canada Visa Application

 Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia, it is situated in two-fifth of North America. Canada is a very peaceful place and a developed country. Everyone wants to go to Canada and get a good job and settled there. Canadian official language is English and french. Canadian are very welcoming and ethical people. Canadian environment is very good.

     There are many job opportunities in Canada. Similarly, Canadian universities announce scholarships in many fields every year. If you want to apply for a Canadian visa then you are in the right place. Read this article very carefully.

What is Canada visa application online form?

    Canadian visa application online form is actually is using of an electronic media. When you apply online you dont need of any consultant or embassy. You can apply through any authentic websites. 

How to apply for a Canadian visa application online?

    There are a number of authentic websites where you can apply for a Canadian visa online easily. So you can search any authentic website like eTA Canada, or, etc. some steps are followed 

  • Download the visa application form from any authentic website
  • Fill out the form
  • Select the visa according to your requirement
  •  Attached are all the required documents
  • Pay fee 
  • Submit the form

After approving the form, the Canadian embassy notified you by Email.

Documents Required For the Canadian Visa:-

  When you are applying for a Canadian visa you must have knowledge that which documents are attached to your visa application form. Documents required for the Canadian visa are as follows…

  • Valid passport
  •  Valid visa application form
  •  National Identity Card of your country
  •  Evidence of your character record
  •  Educational documents
  • Valid Email ID
  • Sponsor letter
  • Pictures or photographs
  • Evidence of Return to home
  • Cover letter
  • Health or Medical test
  • Paid fee slip
  • Proof of financial means

Valid passport:-

   When you want to apply for a canadian vis ayou must have valid passport. You should check the date on it, it will not expire, if the date has expired, then you will have to renew your passport. It includes

  • Passport number
  • Your real name
  •  Birth  place 
  •  Date  of birth
  • Date of issue and expirey

Valid Canada Visa Application Form:-

   You must have valid canadian visa application form. You can downloaded this application form from any authentic website.

National Identity Card Of your Country:-

    National identity card shows that you are registerd person of that country from where you belong. You must have national ID card, its also attached with visa appliaction form. Its very essential.

Evidence of your character Record:-

     This evidence shows that you have no records of any crminal activity. You are an honest and good person or citizen of your country. 

Educational Documents:-

    When you are applying for a job or study visa you must have attested documents copies. That is attached to the visa application form. These copies are attested by your district commissioner.

  • Valid Email ID:-

    The email ID you gave in the visa application form must be a valid ID. because if the website is responding to your visa application, so they are sending an email to your ID. always active your Email ID.

Sponsor Letter:-

    If someone like your friend or any relative sponsor you, then this letter is also attached to the visa application form. The person who sponsors you is not responsible for any expenses or any other considerations. In sponsor letter includes

  • Your full name
  • Your address 
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Relation between you have to sponsor a person
  •  Your staying time
  •  Your staying place

It also includes

  • Name of sponsor person
  • His full name
  • His Canadian address
  • His Canadian phone number
  • His job title
  • Residence
  • Family details

 Picture OR Photographs:-

      Two passport-size photographs are attached to the visa application form. These pictures show your face identity. Pictures must be clear and real. 

Evidence letter Return To Home:-

    You must have an evidence letter that if your visa expires and you don’t want to renew it then you must go back to your homeland. If you don’t come back to your homeland or country then you should renew your letter before expire.

Cover letter:-

    In the cover letter, you can explain the purpose of traveling to Canada. For which purpose do you want to go to Canada, either for a job or study, as a tourist, etc? In cover letter includes

  • Your name
  • Purpose of your travel
  • Sponsor letter
  • Name of sponsor person 

Health and Medical Exams:-

   Before going to Canada, the Canadian embassy takes your medical test that your health is good or not. If you have good health then you can go and if your health is not good then you must take a good diet then you go. Your health result is also included in your the visa application form.

Paid Fee Slip:-

   You must show the paid fee slip or attach it to the visa application form. Without paying the fee your application form does not review or submitted. 

Fee is paying through biometric system nowadays. So when you pay you fee through online must download your pay slip.

The fee is also a very essential step in the online visa application form.

Proof of Financial Means:-

   Proof or evidence of financial means that you are traveling at your own expense or any family member who are supporting you by themselves.

In financial means, you will show

  • Bank statement
  • Employment letter
  • Your annual earnings
  •  Proof of your staying in Canada
  •  Proof of income of your Canadian host or friend

You should keep in mind every country has different requirements according to the rules and laws of its government.


   In this article, you can read about the visa application form in Canada. You can apply for a Canadian visa through any authentic website. You can read about the essential documents that are attached to the visa application form. I already explained each document in detail above.  If you want to apply for a Canadian visa, please read each step carefully.

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