Delivery Salesman Jobs in Romania (36 Positions)

A familiar company is hiring Delivery Salesman Jobs in Romania .The candidate who is selected will be required to start the work very soon. This job is full time employment. Location of this job is in Romania  .

Delivery Salesmen are responsible for the distribution of goods from a manufacturer or wholesaler to retailers, businesses, and individual customers. They handle and transport merchandise such as food, clothing, industrial supplies, and medical equipment. Delivery Salesmen work in a variety of settings including warehouses, retail stores, factories, and hospitals.

To succeed in this role, Delivery Salesmen must be physically fit with excellent organizational skills. They should have a valid driver’s license and clean driving record since they spend the majority of their time on the road. Good communication skills are also essential as Delivery Salesmen need to liaise with clients regularly regarding deliveries.

They often work long hours depending on demand but enjoy flexible schedules that allow them to manage their own time effectively.

Job Description:

  • Position: Delivery Salesman
  • Salary: Ron 2550-3000 per month
  • Employment type: Full time
  • Education: College level of education (FA)

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If you are interested in Delivery Salesman Jobs in Romania apply the below given address.


Contact: +92-03039686218 / 0326-1062040


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