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50 New Aircraft Cleaner Vacancies in UAE

Dubi Airport’s Famous company MX CARE is offering 50 New Aircraft Cleaner Vacancies in UAE. The candidate who is selected will be required to start the work very soon. This job is full-time employment. The location of this job is in Dubai.

Working as an aircraft cleaner in the bustling city of Dubai is no ordinary job. While it may seem like a simple responsibility, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene both inside and outside the aircraft is of utmost importance. As passengers step foot into the plane, they expect to be greeted with pristine interiors that exude an air of luxury and comfort. It is the aircraft cleaner’s responsibility to go beyond what meets the eye, meticulously removing dirt, dust, and stains to create a welcoming environment for travelers.

The job entails much more than just routine cleaning; it requires attention to detail and adherence to safety regulations. From cleaning lavatories and galleys to disinfecting high-touch surfaces like tray tables and seat armrests, each step is crucial in maintaining a healthy onboard environment. In addition, aircraft cleaners are often faced with unusual challenges such as pollen accumulation on sensitive instruments or removing stubborn stains from carpets caused by unexpected spills during flights. Their ability to adapt quickly and efficiently ensures that not only do passengers enjoy a comfortable journey but also contribute to overall aviation safety.

Dubai’s dynamic aviation industry offers unique opportunities for aircraft cleaners who take pride in their work. Besides satisfying customers’ expectations, they become part of a dedicated team committed to keeping passengers safe by following rigorous cleanliness protocols specifically designed for flight operations. As awareness of hygiene continues its ascent in light of global events, their role becomes all the more significant as they contribute actively toward restoring public confidence in air travel—an essential aspect of Dubai’s thriving tourism sector.

Job Description:

  • Position: Aircraft Cleaner
  • Salary: AED 850 + food + 2 hours daily overtime per month
  • Employment type: Full time

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If you are interested in 50 New Aircraft Cleaner Vacancies in UAE apply to the below given address.


Contact: +92- 03162522217/ 03312522218


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